Cotswold Photography Tours

Our Tour Areas

We offer photographic tours in a number of Cotswold locations:

1. "The Far North East":This area covers Broadway, Snowshill, Stanton, and Stanway. A fabulous area that mixes more "dynamic" centres like Broadway and Stow with superb tranquil Cotswold villages. The Far North East also offers superb vistas over the Cotswolds and surrounding land, visiting more isolated areas high up on the Cotswold escarpment and regions in the low country down in the valley. One of our personal favourites for walking tours as well as drive or drive-walk tours and offers photographic opportunities for those interested in landscape, architecture, people / street and wildlife photography.

2. "Classic Cotswolds":This area covers such places as Bourton-on-the-Water (perhaps the most well known village in the Cotswolds), Lower and Upper Slaughter, Naunton and Guiting Power. A truly superb collection of Cotswold villages from the very busy Bourton to the virtually unvisited Naunton and Guiting Power this area offers a wealth of opportunities for village, street, landscape and "open Cotswolds" photography. Best done as a drive-walk tour due to the distances between the villages.

3. "Hidden Cotswolds:This area covers the smaller, less well visited villages of Guiting Power, Kineton, Temple Guiting, Ford and Cutsdean and is most suited to a walking tour. Take a step back in time on this "Hidden Cotswolds" tour and if you want to photograph some real gems of the Cotswolds but away from the main tourist areas then this is the area for you! The mix of open Cotswold country and covered woodland areas makes for superb landscape and wildlife photography.

4. "Historic Cotswolds":This area covers the more central, isolated Cotswolds to the south of the A40. There are fewer villages visited but some tremendously photogenic countryside and woodland areas. The region covers the villages of Whithington and Chedworth, including the famous Chedworth Roman Villa which can be visited if desired (the Villa is a National Trust location). This is a walking tour only as the best of the area for photographers is only accessible on foot.

5. "Wild Cotswolds":This area lies between Bourton-on-the-Water and the main A40 route from Oxford and encompasses some fabulous Cotswold countryside including the areas around the villages of the Rissingtons and Windrush plus the wildlife-rich area of the Sherborne Estate, made famous by the "Spring Watch" television series. The area is best covered as a walking tour in order to obtain the best photographic opportunities but it can be adapted for those wishing to do a drive-walk or drive tour. Definitely one for landscape and wildlife enthusiasts!

Between them these areas cover the very best of what the Cotswolds has to offer photographers. However, if you would like to visit other areas of the Cotswolds please let us know and because all our tours are personalised we will be able to accommodate your requirements.

Thank You!